Monday, July 12, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

I, unraveling me...

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As I boarded my flight to Paris, my life had turned a new leaf and thought I was leaving everything behind I was smiling for some strange reason. On the other hand, was it strange at all, this is what I had dreamed of, my own designer boutique at the coast of the French Riviera and it was happening now…everything that brought me to this moment had to have a purpose right?

Through life’s journey, my strength was my belief in me
I knew, I will be everything that I wanted to be
There were many a hurdles on this road winding
Treasures of achievement mine for finding
My designs, my hobby and passion now had a Dior stamp
Those dreamy weaves, now a talk of the ramp

Yet, it seems just like yesterday
Many years ago from today
Never knew complexion could be the parameter for glory to attain
Somehow, in every play, I was always made the villain
Wondered why I played those roles with élan
Until I learnt to admire the trophies of my life span

I was no less than a boy
Proving that was my only joy
Standing up against the society
Establishing women power, my only priority
I would always look up for answers to my mom and dad
Until I learnt their support was the biggest strength, I had

Ironically, I wanted to be everything a girl should not be
Pilot, Detective, Politician and Chef were not professions for a she
I even wanted to save the world from an alien attack.
The helplessness,   it was hard to hold the tears back
I kept taking flights of dreams with my feet hardly ever on the ground
Until I learnt to wait for my purpose to be found

My confidence was always a winner
Sloth and gluttony made me a sinner
Procrastination was my biggest enemy
Put me into troubles many
My free will needed a harness
Until I learnt to discipline myself through a pursuit relentless

Rules made me a rebel
My school s and colleges still have sagas to tell
Everyone remembered my name
However, brownie points were surely not my claim to fame
I can’t believe how long it took
Until I learnt to live ‘a little’ by the book

I thought love was about fairy tales and mills and boon
I would never want to spend my life dreaming by the moon
Then one day near the lovely woods, I met love
A conspiracy against me from heaven above
Inevitably, torn apart, crying for hours I would sit
Until I learnt that love was not dependent on the outcome of it

My creativity in my career, got me to places
The corporate world showed me the outline of my purpose in traces
While the stalwarts watched me through the scanner
I breezed through all tests in an eloquent manner
The pace to maintain my standing overwhelmed me
Until I learnt that, I need to toil, for the heights that I wanted to see

I still remember my first pay cheque; I was on a cloud nine
Parties, friends, vacations, dinners and wine
Living everyday like there was no tomorrow
When you have money, can there ever be any sorrow?
I forgot about the savings that I should have kept
Until I learnt, I was neck deep in debt

Always wanted to be a good friend
For my friends I could fight until the end
Everybody loved me, they were always there
Purpose solved they vanished, I was caught unaware
Standing on crossroads, I tried to be strong
Until I learnt, in judging them I was wrong

Life suddenly became a black hole
Every second taking me away from my goal
I lost all interest in work and living
I drained myself in measures of getting and giving
I broke down, numb to everything, cold as a stone
Until I learnt, that in life’s battle you are always alone

 I had no answers, yet questions were storming my mind
Where did I go wrong, a way out of this mess will I ever find?
The world is ruthless to the one in remorse
I could see myself drifting away from my course
I was lamenting at this state, surely not what I had set out to achieve
Until I learnt, I had even stopped to believe

Indulging in lengthy conversation with the supreme power
Music my soul mate of every hour
I immersed myself in worship and singing
My mind relaxed, experiencing sparks of a new beginning
Sympathizing with myself, with all that I had seen
Until I learnt, I was just being a drama queen

A free spirit like me, how could I be bogged down like this?
Me and defeated, no way, something went badly amiss
I had wasted so much time; there is still a long road to my fate
It was time for a revival, to start on a clean slate
Did not know hardships made you stronger and God’s favorite
Until I learnt, his ways to guide you are sometimes tough, mysterious and great

Walking beside me along with him, was his shadow my mother
Her perseverance and faith in me like no other
I sorted everything out and today have no regret
With valuable lessons learnt, that I will never forget
My best friend, my co passenger on board my flight

I finally made it, as she always knew I would, right! 
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

The Sunday Roar

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Monday, June 14, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

With love to Mankind...

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I was intimidated
My existence inflated
The showbiz jazz made me uneasy
Concern of millions seemed so cheesy
Potential threat underrated

Not a moment of pride
But an ordeal to abide
I had seen my kin breathe their last
Disappearing as I watched aghast
Emotions were tough to hide

Inevitable questions at last
A will to get over with it fast
I wondered how it felt to be the last tiger around
Loosing everything to human greed did not have a joyous sound
I wish I could change the past

Haunted by the media lights
I missed the grasslands and mountain heights
I was perplexed by the insensitivity of my audience
Wondering why my species were paying a penance
Memories of my friends and playful fights

I had known human emotions
This savagery was beyond notions
This was a mockery of concern and care
Bewildered, I could only helplessly stare
Of this death in small portions

My only words to mankind
To make amends or to keep in mind
A smirk as I walked by the shocked eyes
A sort of sweet revenge for my kin’s cries
“Look! Even your extinction is right behind”
Sunday, May 30, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Romantic Interlude

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The Charmer;
Waltzing into my life sweet and slow
Words, smile and his charm to show
Would change my life, I didn’t know

The Rendezvous;
A simple arrangement of sharing
Joy, love and caring
Stealing from life, was I daring?

The Magic;
Silence transforming into best conversations
Laughter breaking walls of inhibitions
Being myself I was, without hesitation

The Bliss;
Hours of planning, for the next meet
Away from this world our heavenly retreat
Lost in dreams, my heart skipped a beat

The Love; 
Now a thousand miles apart
Everyday yearning for another start
An unanswered prayer in my heart

The Life;
Won’t need a cure ever
Any happiness whatsoever
Can live in those moments forever
Saturday, April 3, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Hear My Voice!!!

I am judged every second
It’s like I’m under a microscope
I question my belief of a friend
Frankly, I have lost all hope

Your way or the highway, you’re uptight
I ire you with every act
You perceive my thoughts and you’re always right
I want to tell you otherwise, I fear how you’d react

I know your intentions are true
Your superimposition makes me hold back
The harsh words that come out of you
Reminds me of an ability that I lack

You’re one of the best I ever had
I forget everything and laugh when you’re around
When I scamper like a clown, you’re glad
Change in tide and you nail me on the ground

I know you care
But it loses the charm after all that is said and done
Would patience for you be a dare?
A little tenderness never hurt anyone

I want to share and I want you to know
But you leave me no choice
My true thoughts I am so scared to show
Why can’t you ever hear my voice?

So Long My Friend...

I asked you again and again
Let go of your pain
Let me lend a hand
Let me by you stand

There were moments when you’d break down your wall
You’d open up a little, be carefree as I recall
There was hesitation but a willingness to live
And I was there, my friendship to give

Everything was perfect and then distance came
Drifting apart with excuses lame
Every time I tried to reach out
You shunned me away with your garbed clout

I never wanted you to change your ways
I just wished you’d not accept me to through the days
I finally asked you the inevitable, do you want me to be your friend
You said everything but a no…left me hanging in the end

I still see the tension in you when I am around
It seems like every day I fight a battle on lost ground
I let you go, I know you will never tell me why
I’m never going to give up, but henceforth, will resist the try

It's funny how I keep wondering what went wrong
It’s funny how sentimental I get when I love being cold hearted and strong
But isn’t the law of nature that what you give is what you get
It’s funny how most often in life that’s a belief I regret
Tuesday, March 16, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Just another sleepless night!!!

Confessions of mind overflowing with thoughts...

Solemn resolve
Will to evolve
Fear to dissolve
Memories revolve

Conflicting notion

Overrated emotion
Daunting proportion
Constant Commotion

Means to prepare

Confidence to dare
Selfishness or care
Karma’s stare

Smile of content

Clarity of Intent
Actions meant
Nothing to repent

The goal in sight

In search guiding light
Something doesn’t seem right
Just another sleepless night

Monday, March 15, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

I know when It Rains...

I normally don’t think of you
There is so much to do
But every time the wind caresses the trees
The rain dances with the breeze
I wish that you were here with me
I think; will it ever be
I close my eyes and feel every drop call out your name
I wonder if you were here, would it be the same

In the raindrops I see reflections of the times we were together
I don’t need a cure; I can live in these moments forever
The world says, now that you’re gone I ought to be sad
I’m far away in another world, they think I’m mad
In harmony with the rain, as emotions flow
I smile; because I know
Though you’d probably never tell me
I know when it rains, you think of me!
Thursday, March 4, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Puking Poison!!!

I was leading you all along
Just for see if your will is strong
It was clear you don’t have in you
I was trying to find something to like in you

I could sense, there is something not right
You were being an angel, but always so uptight
You wanted to know everything about my life
You were ready to put an endless strife

I was avoiding you, you did not understand
You were cautiously increasing your demand
You were looking for a chance
A small affirmation to do your dance

And when nothing worked out
Your ego hurt, you developed a sudden clout
You started with my complete unworthiness
I was rather amused by your senselessness

I am actually glad to have been acquainted
Didn’t know your soul was so tainted
This is a messy state to be
Maybe puking poison will make you free!!!
Friday, February 19, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Undying Love

I can’t imagine my life without you my love
I will fight for you from heaven up above
We will be the always be with each other
I will leave you never

I can see the depths of oceans in your eyes
I see purity in them no deceit and no lies
We will have many a cherished moments
I will hurt you never

I like everything about you
I feel with you every moment is so true
We will be the happiest couple
I will doubt you never

I don’t care about your looks or how old you are
I want you near, and not very far
We will make every second seem like a dream
I will deceive you never

I will love you till the end of time
You are mine and only mine
We will treat each day like it is a lifetime
Cause tomorrow I may just change my mind
But that my love, I will tell you never
Thursday, January 14, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Yeah! go ahead...

I create distance and give you no reason
Your memory of me lasts just as long as the season
My thoughts; misunderstandings
Yeah! go ahead try me for treason

I blame you for everything
Your stance for me from the very beginning
My retaliation; extremism
Yeah! go ahead sue me for this thing

I put forth a condition
Your charter for me built out of inhibition
My story; unheard
Yeah! go ahead treat it as trepidation

I don’t try to see
Your feelings for me
My feelings; crushed
Yeah! go ahead with the third degree

I am baffled by how you are wrong never
Your insistence on forever
My existence; denied
Yeah! go ahead let me be the cause of the tremor

Keeping a tab on every word, everything stated
Whew…it was never suppose to be this complicated
My decision; End of story!
Yeah! go ahead let me be the one hated
Thursday, January 7, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

one small step....

We knew we could work it out
If only we could climb the mountains of doubt
We knew we could have moments to treasure
If we were not busy in quantities of measure
We knew we could cross all hurdles together
If we were not blaming each other
We knew we could make every second count all the way
If we were not so scared that we will grow apart someday
We had something special we both agreed
We know one small step is all it did need

Today all we have are ruins in the grains of sand
A dream wasted with its blood on our hand
There is still longing within our hearts
We could, really make a fresh start
Our eyes overwhelmed with dreams they still see
One small step, between you and me, who will it be?
Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

When was the last time?


The moon still shines with all its beauty and splendor
The flowers still bloom with their petals so tender
The trees still dance with the breeze in divine bliss
When was the last time you enjoyed this?

There is tremendous strength in hope
There is a method hidden in the things to cope
There is way out from this deep abyss
When was the last time you believed this?

Not changing the way you truly are
Not letting charade to dictate every hour
Not pretending, lying, deceiving and give everything negative a miss
When was the last time you behaved like this?

You knew when you looked into their eyes, it was to last forever
You could bet your life that they will hurt you never
You knew you were meant for each other just by the first kiss
When was the last time you loved like this?

Remember how you could shrug every wound and move on
Remember how amidst storms a smile your face would adorn
Remember how every fear, your strong will and confidence would dismiss
When was the last time you lived like this?
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