Monday, June 14, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

With love to Mankind...

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I was intimidated
My existence inflated
The showbiz jazz made me uneasy
Concern of millions seemed so cheesy
Potential threat underrated

Not a moment of pride
But an ordeal to abide
I had seen my kin breathe their last
Disappearing as I watched aghast
Emotions were tough to hide

Inevitable questions at last
A will to get over with it fast
I wondered how it felt to be the last tiger around
Loosing everything to human greed did not have a joyous sound
I wish I could change the past

Haunted by the media lights
I missed the grasslands and mountain heights
I was perplexed by the insensitivity of my audience
Wondering why my species were paying a penance
Memories of my friends and playful fights

I had known human emotions
This savagery was beyond notions
This was a mockery of concern and care
Bewildered, I could only helplessly stare
Of this death in small portions

My only words to mankind
To make amends or to keep in mind
A smirk as I walked by the shocked eyes
A sort of sweet revenge for my kin’s cries
“Look! Even your extinction is right behind”


Debosmita said... Best Blogger Tips

Go Arp! I loved this piece of verse :-) ATB for the contest!

Guria said... Best Blogger Tips

It is super! All the best! :)

The Fool said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice poetry. Was hoping someone would render this topic in verse.

Arif said... Best Blogger Tips

Good poem Arpita. I liked your last line a lot - 'look, even your extinction is right behind' should compel man to think if not act immediately!

Lazy Pineapple said... Best Blogger Tips

fundu poem...with a fantastic finish....

Tavish Chadha( said... Best Blogger Tips

we seem to be writing on the same topics in every round hehe

never expected a poem to come up on this topic... but am so glad u wrote one... very well written and expressed... way to go Arpita...


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome... Loved it. The last line was the clincher. Go tiger... :)

Gyanban said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice one Arpita. Your poetry is coming is coming alive.
Good stuff.

Neha said... Best Blogger Tips

loved it very much..very well written girl..let's keep our fingers crossed..hope u win in this category :)

pal said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved it, Arpi :-) Especially the last line.. it carried a lot of punch :-)

Tamal Krishna Chandra said... Best Blogger Tips

Your poetry is an excellent one. Love it.

Shalini said... Best Blogger Tips

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