Tuesday, June 29, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

The Sunday Roar

Check out the Magazine published by my team, The Tiger Trails for the Super 4 Round of BPL. Here comes - The Sunday Roar

Here is our magazine: Click on the image to download the pdf version.

Check out the works of the great minds of the people behind The Sunday Roar.

Debosmita’s in-depth article on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Sudhakar’s racy account of ‘The Domestic Olympics’

Sudhakar’s intriguing thriller (crime fiction)

Neha’s unique limerick on Indian politics,

Pallavi’s quick comic/55-er on power of media

Rashmi’s interesting travel journal – City City Bang Bang

Kanagu’s analysis of Print Versus Electronic media
Monday, June 14, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

With love to Mankind...

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I was intimidated
My existence inflated
The showbiz jazz made me uneasy
Concern of millions seemed so cheesy
Potential threat underrated

Not a moment of pride
But an ordeal to abide
I had seen my kin breathe their last
Disappearing as I watched aghast
Emotions were tough to hide

Inevitable questions at last
A will to get over with it fast
I wondered how it felt to be the last tiger around
Loosing everything to human greed did not have a joyous sound
I wish I could change the past

Haunted by the media lights
I missed the grasslands and mountain heights
I was perplexed by the insensitivity of my audience
Wondering why my species were paying a penance
Memories of my friends and playful fights

I had known human emotions
This savagery was beyond notions
This was a mockery of concern and care
Bewildered, I could only helplessly stare
Of this death in small portions

My only words to mankind
To make amends or to keep in mind
A smirk as I walked by the shocked eyes
A sort of sweet revenge for my kin’s cries
“Look! Even your extinction is right behind”
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