Monday, April 11, 2011 | By: The Speaking Wood

The Mind Freeze!

Darkness dark as this
That light ceases to exist
I’d give negativity a miss
But crying is hard to resist

Emotions they battle with themselves
Sanity is at stake
Tools I need lie on hidden shelves
Empty handed my destiny I try to make

From where will the strength come
When I don’t see anything
With bruised pieces some
I attempt something out of nothing

Forced to make compromise
The heart revolts
Controlling the feeling apprise
My attempts experience a jolt

Alone even with souls around
 Every voice is like a scream
Opinions unrelated abound
Nightmares replacing every dream

Faith is all I have to cling on too
Deterred by a mere breeze
Questioning where I belong too
As thoughts in mind freeze

I guess its just a passing phase
as I live for another day
my purpose isn't a wild goose chase
God willing I will find another way

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