Sunday, May 30, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Romantic Interlude

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The Charmer;
Waltzing into my life sweet and slow
Words, smile and his charm to show
Would change my life, I didn’t know

The Rendezvous;
A simple arrangement of sharing
Joy, love and caring
Stealing from life, was I daring?

The Magic;
Silence transforming into best conversations
Laughter breaking walls of inhibitions
Being myself I was, without hesitation

The Bliss;
Hours of planning, for the next meet
Away from this world our heavenly retreat
Lost in dreams, my heart skipped a beat

The Love; 
Now a thousand miles apart
Everyday yearning for another start
An unanswered prayer in my heart

The Life;
Won’t need a cure ever
Any happiness whatsoever
Can live in those moments forever
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