Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood in the moment.



I was waiting for life to happen to me
and I saw it pass by
better times to see
and not having to cry

I was waiting for dreams to turn into reality
and they shattered one by one
kindness amongst cruelty
and turn around things already done

I was waiting to make it big
and I always fell short
Execution of plans without any rig
and not having to abort

I was waiting for perfection
and everything became a compromise
Confident of my circumspection
and not the same old reprise

I was waiting for an end to this state of flux
and it just took over me
Desperation to get down to the crux
and method in madness to see

 I decided I need to live in now
and find a mean for feeling to vent
I seem to have found the strength to gain it all back somehow
By just living in the moment
Saturday, December 5, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

Is this what we were meant to do?

(An amateur writer’s impression on the recent chain of events in Hyderabad)
Its lovely weather and I have nothing better to do
So I thought I will ask you
Let form a cause, let’s form an issue, find a reason to brood
Yeah, lets burn some buses dude

We are fighting for our rights
While lag of duties has risen to phenomenal rights
Some action is missing in life
Let do something and create some strife

The climate is creating havoc everywhere
But this is our claim to fame rare
Let’s not waste a moment to stop and think
Let’s destroy everything in a blink

There people to be fed and roads to be built
There are chores to be done and matters to be dealt
Those are responsibilities of others in the city
I have no reason to feel guilty

I can make something of me and do my kin proud
But that takes a lot of hard work for crying out loud
I will break glass; destroy property and burn in this conspiracy crude
Come my brother, let’s burn some buses dude!!!
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