Thursday, January 14, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Yeah! go ahead...

I create distance and give you no reason
Your memory of me lasts just as long as the season
My thoughts; misunderstandings
Yeah! go ahead try me for treason

I blame you for everything
Your stance for me from the very beginning
My retaliation; extremism
Yeah! go ahead sue me for this thing

I put forth a condition
Your charter for me built out of inhibition
My story; unheard
Yeah! go ahead treat it as trepidation

I don’t try to see
Your feelings for me
My feelings; crushed
Yeah! go ahead with the third degree

I am baffled by how you are wrong never
Your insistence on forever
My existence; denied
Yeah! go ahead let me be the cause of the tremor

Keeping a tab on every word, everything stated
Whew…it was never suppose to be this complicated
My decision; End of story!
Yeah! go ahead let me be the one hated
Thursday, January 7, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

one small step....

We knew we could work it out
If only we could climb the mountains of doubt
We knew we could have moments to treasure
If we were not busy in quantities of measure
We knew we could cross all hurdles together
If we were not blaming each other
We knew we could make every second count all the way
If we were not so scared that we will grow apart someday
We had something special we both agreed
We know one small step is all it did need

Today all we have are ruins in the grains of sand
A dream wasted with its blood on our hand
There is still longing within our hearts
We could, really make a fresh start
Our eyes overwhelmed with dreams they still see
One small step, between you and me, who will it be?
Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

When was the last time?


The moon still shines with all its beauty and splendor
The flowers still bloom with their petals so tender
The trees still dance with the breeze in divine bliss
When was the last time you enjoyed this?

There is tremendous strength in hope
There is a method hidden in the things to cope
There is way out from this deep abyss
When was the last time you believed this?

Not changing the way you truly are
Not letting charade to dictate every hour
Not pretending, lying, deceiving and give everything negative a miss
When was the last time you behaved like this?

You knew when you looked into their eyes, it was to last forever
You could bet your life that they will hurt you never
You knew you were meant for each other just by the first kiss
When was the last time you loved like this?

Remember how you could shrug every wound and move on
Remember how amidst storms a smile your face would adorn
Remember how every fear, your strong will and confidence would dismiss
When was the last time you lived like this?
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