Monday, March 16, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

I'd rather be alone...

Amused by the games people play
Perplexed by smiles that don’t always stay
Bewildered by the mood swings
Shocked by the crazy things

I try to figure out
Sanity in serene clout
Tangled in a web of thoughts
picking piece in lots

Drastic change in intentions
Humored by irrelevant contentions
Never-ending pretentions seem the way to be
Charade for the eyes to see

Relations of convenience everywhere
Chaos here and there
Unexplained acts to stare
Daunted by the righteous glare

Helpless cries, nowhere to go
amidst the storm, which direction to row
with everything in me as cold as stone
in this world I’d rather be alone!
Thursday, March 5, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

Battle of Emotions!

I could have sworn I was doing alright
My goal my destiny all in sight
Now there is surge of anonymity that’s getting all over me
The mist of doubt, beyond which I cannot see

I cannot relate to anyone around
Meaningless words and actions and their reverberating sound
I question the very purpose of existence
My inspiration tattered, my gloom dense

It does not even hurt anymore, the numbness is profound
Ambition and dreams in chain of reality bound
It’s only these thoughts that mess my brains
Only solace is the bouts of salty rains

I wonder, I think, I decide and start all over again
Cold stone unaffected by any strain
Wondering where to go
Planning fast or treading slow

What to be, what not to be
What future is mine to see
With only darkness in sight
Moving on, leaving everything to the guiding light
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