Saturday, April 3, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Hear My Voice!!!

I am judged every second
It’s like I’m under a microscope
I question my belief of a friend
Frankly, I have lost all hope

Your way or the highway, you’re uptight
I ire you with every act
You perceive my thoughts and you’re always right
I want to tell you otherwise, I fear how you’d react

I know your intentions are true
Your superimposition makes me hold back
The harsh words that come out of you
Reminds me of an ability that I lack

You’re one of the best I ever had
I forget everything and laugh when you’re around
When I scamper like a clown, you’re glad
Change in tide and you nail me on the ground

I know you care
But it loses the charm after all that is said and done
Would patience for you be a dare?
A little tenderness never hurt anyone

I want to share and I want you to know
But you leave me no choice
My true thoughts I am so scared to show
Why can’t you ever hear my voice?


Giri said... Best Blogger Tips

good thought!

Gyanban said... Best Blogger Tips

kind of a mixie mismash of thoughts...unless it was by design.
Liked the second part better.

Zave said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved the way you painted your intent in words.
Specially fell in in love with the the last 2 lines!
"My true thoughts I am so scared to show
Why can’t you ever hear my voice?"

Mohan said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice stream of thoughts... Great read to start my day with! Thanks for that :)

Not just another read, but I shall keep this in mind while I convey my view to others...

pravin nair said... Best Blogger Tips

hi that's a beautiful poem!pls keep writing beautifully..

Pls do visit me at:

ur opinion wld be invaluable!Tx.

Mayank said... Best Blogger Tips

really nice words... i knw hw it feels to b under the microscope every second... the only way is to stop being an insect n claim ur freedom...

nwys, nice post writin :)

Prasad Shelar said... Best Blogger Tips

nice poem !! :-)

pal said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow... a poet in our midst :-) First time at your blog :-) Btw, am Crocodiel from the BPL Tiger trails team :-)

Tavish Chadha( said... Best Blogger Tips

loved it... nice use of the words...


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