Saturday, April 3, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

So Long My Friend...

I asked you again and again
Let go of your pain
Let me lend a hand
Let me by you stand

There were moments when you’d break down your wall
You’d open up a little, be carefree as I recall
There was hesitation but a willingness to live
And I was there, my friendship to give

Everything was perfect and then distance came
Drifting apart with excuses lame
Every time I tried to reach out
You shunned me away with your garbed clout

I never wanted you to change your ways
I just wished you’d not accept me to through the days
I finally asked you the inevitable, do you want me to be your friend
You said everything but a no…left me hanging in the end

I still see the tension in you when I am around
It seems like every day I fight a battle on lost ground
I let you go, I know you will never tell me why
I’m never going to give up, but henceforth, will resist the try

It's funny how I keep wondering what went wrong
It’s funny how sentimental I get when I love being cold hearted and strong
But isn’t the law of nature that what you give is what you get
It’s funny how most often in life that’s a belief I regret


Zave said... Best Blogger Tips

The word play is appreciable, especially in some parts I loved it.
As a whole it was a nice read indeed, a bit hurtful 'cause of the way the friendship remains still unacceptable.
Keep writing!

Dr Roshan R said... Best Blogger Tips

man felt sad reading that.. guess thats a sign that the words hit the heart.. Lovely post

Lazy Pineapple said... Best Blogger Tips

lovely...I could so realate to this poem...
My BF (best friend) and I have been having this same problem for some time and surely these are my feelings...

hitesh rawat said... Best Blogger Tips

no one gives up on a friend that wat friends be there for your friends even if they don't want you around...cause you know that they need you.........

powerful words.......though i'm not a big fan of poems but ther was something.....may the theme or something...but to this one i was glued

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