Thursday, March 4, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

Puking Poison!!!

I was leading you all along
Just for see if your will is strong
It was clear you don’t have in you
I was trying to find something to like in you

I could sense, there is something not right
You were being an angel, but always so uptight
You wanted to know everything about my life
You were ready to put an endless strife

I was avoiding you, you did not understand
You were cautiously increasing your demand
You were looking for a chance
A small affirmation to do your dance

And when nothing worked out
Your ego hurt, you developed a sudden clout
You started with my complete unworthiness
I was rather amused by your senselessness

I am actually glad to have been acquainted
Didn’t know your soul was so tainted
This is a messy state to be
Maybe puking poison will make you free!!!


Nalini Hebbar said... Best Blogger Tips

It is amazing how we vibe with just a hand-full. It never ceases to amaze me...the human mind
great poem that would be great for a sad melody

thoughtful delights said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear Dagny,

That was an awesome prose.....Feeling of like and Dislike expressed clearly.....Keep Going...Cheeerzzz.. :-)

Thoughtful Delights ;-)

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Nalini,

Thank you for your kind words, some of my friends also thought it could be a melody :)

I agree, and it is strange how we react to the people we don't vibe with...the realm of the human mind as you say...the depths of the same are unfathomable!!!

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Thoughful Delights...roger that!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your footprints :)

Tavish Chadha said... Best Blogger Tips

wow!! u must have been really frustrated with someone when u wrote that... that was just brilliant... i have no other words for that... is this my first time here?... will be here more often now...

Blog Link: Sensible bakwas

vamsi said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice poetry there..I had to read it twice to understand the theme..:) tinge of anger and dislike embedded with complexity of words..Nice flow of emotions..:)

Gyanban said... Best Blogger Tips

it s getting there...i liked it.

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Tavish - :) isn't that how the author should write, I am glad the expressions came out, thanks!

This surely wasn't your first time and I sure hope it wasn't your last, Cheers!!!

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Vamsi - thanks for stopping by and your kind words...I guess that is the beauty of human emotions varied and so different with each passing moment, I just try to wrap them in words :)

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

Gyanban - I am so glad to hear you say that...thanks!

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