Monday, March 15, 2010 | By: The Speaking Wood

I know when It Rains...

I normally don’t think of you
There is so much to do
But every time the wind caresses the trees
The rain dances with the breeze
I wish that you were here with me
I think; will it ever be
I close my eyes and feel every drop call out your name
I wonder if you were here, would it be the same

In the raindrops I see reflections of the times we were together
I don’t need a cure; I can live in these moments forever
The world says, now that you’re gone I ought to be sad
I’m far away in another world, they think I’m mad
In harmony with the rain, as emotions flow
I smile; because I know
Though you’d probably never tell me
I know when it rains, you think of me!


Gyanban said... Best Blogger Tips

This one really is good.Simplicity is the key here, I think the emotional void is well expressed,and if i get it correctly,towards the end the subject also hints on a certain degree of possessiveness..right?

Quite enjoyed reading this.

- The Virgin Author! said... Best Blogger Tips

Simple. Expressing. Enjoyed reading it!

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Gyanban - Thanks a bunch dude...yes they were simple emotions penned as narrated by the subject.

Possessiveness, did it sound like that, it was not suppose to, the end was more of knowing that when two people share moments of togetherness, there is longing from both sides, it may vary in degree, but it is there and even when they part ways and move on, the memory remains and always makes you smile. The subject merely believes that!!!

I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

- The Virgin Author - Thank you so much for stopping by, leaving your footprints and your appreciation, Cheers!

umashankar said... Best Blogger Tips

Very beautiful, powerful and touching.

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Umashankar - Thanks, appreciate it :)

magiceye said... Best Blogger Tips

very beautiful....

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Magiceye, thanks a bunch!!!

7-ate-9 said... Best Blogger Tips

:-) beautifully written.... loved the last line. simple, maybe a bit of wishful thinkin, very nice....

Prasad Shelar said... Best Blogger Tips

loved it !!! :-)

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