Saturday, August 1, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

The search that never ended....

She lay in peace and her epitaph read "the endless search; that is still on". Every breadth a new struggle, a new fight, a cloud of fear engulfs every ray of hope. She tried; she left no step unturned to make sense of the madness but now she finally succumbs to try new worlds for a different realm.

But is her search over those questions still unanswered

Why for what and till how long????

All the way she wondered why her parents kept convincing her to follow the path of righteousness, be kind to others. Never hurt anyone knowingly. Never want something that you do not deserve

What they should have told her was to follow the path of righteousness, rarely. Be kind to others as long as it serves ones own purpose. Hurt people and be ignorant about it. If there is something you deserve, snatch it…. or else you will never get it.

She reached close to Insanity trying to solve this entanglement between her inner and outer self and lost her peace. The day she let go was the day she became free, because it did not matter what she did, she lost all sense of judging what people did and why they did it.

All that mattered to her now was running after the butterfly, basking in the morning sun’s glory, getting drenched in the rain, smiling at every passing soul who looked at her as if she was from another planet…but she never felt the scorn, all she felt was unexplainable bliss…something she had never felt before. It did not matter anymore

Yet, her eyes were always moist…she could not explain nor identify what it was that made this happen but this was it, she would be laughing at something she liked, such as a carefree child would, and tears rolled down her eyes, all in the same instance.

She kept searching wondering, but no answer came to her, she was clueless of this phenomenon that was building up inside her.

She meandered in vain with her quest for life and after it ended did she realized that what gave her this inspiration to her present path was her silent nemesis ...


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