Wednesday, August 12, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

.....and I break down and cry!!!

When I feel them walk all over me
Knowing my pain, they will not bother to see
Its then that I feel like tearing the world apart
A fire of rage, burns within my heart

When I see myself fall flat on the ground
I feel the thorns below and around
If only I could destroy the garden of life forever
The lure of flowers tells me to do that never

When I feel I am alone
Supposed friends ready to hurt with knives and stones
Its then I wish I had someone
Soon realizing soul mates for me are none

When hard work brings failure always
I yearn for the better days
Its then that I feel I am doomed
And hope someday I’ll see the bloom

When I see people playing games
Lauding me, then calling me names
Then I feel ashamed of it all
Wondering why they stoop so small

When I see my dreams shatter in front of me
When the question is to be or not to be
When every breadth of mine pinches like a sword
Its then I scream and say why! O Lord!

How desperately I try to fill my heart
To get up and make a fresh start
Have the faith and courage to try
But all I do is break down and cry.


Sunny said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, its amazing and as i've said earlier, I certainly relate to your poems, and relate very closely.

Couldn't stop the tears building up inside, but certainly stopped them from coming out. (Its not good for a guy to cry, they say).

Its absolutely WOW, way to go, but honestly, at the back of my mind I know its the state of mind thats making you write this, I wish you a very happy life ahead and I sincerely hope things imporove with every passing day.

Keep wearing a smile and it would do wonders. :-)

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