Wednesday, August 5, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

The Deep Blue Ocean!

So calm and at peace with itself and yet the world is unaware of the turbulent waters it hides without a sign of turmoil. Giving life to millions of living organisms, bearing every load of the land, bearing the load of harness every moment giving many a baffled souls solace and tranquility.

Morning shows the hustle and bustle of the fisherman trying to make their living; men and women from all walks of life use the purity to wash of their sins. The birds hover over the only part of the universe they trust apart from the sky. The sky that itself bows to the magnanimity.

Noon brings in the loneliness; cause the world needs to accomplish the goals and
ambitions that it had defined for itself. No one remembers its existence and its any perceived value, only the net laid down by the fishermen bruise the already wounded heart of the this bed in blue.

Evening brings in the cheer, as lost souls caress the winds that adorn it and then dump their dirt on it, yet there is a cheer within the blue for the want of being acknowledged for existence.Night everyone has somewhere and someone to go to, however, the blue stays there stagnated for yet another day when life would be just same as it has been for the past thousands of years

The kings of modernization know it to be the only source of unlimited tangible profits.

The only thing that seems to care is the rain, without hesitation, without condition, it falls on the blue with all its love and refuses to leave the side of the blue.

And then one day unable to bear all that is stored inside, like a dormant volcano it erupts and just engulfs the entire universe in its fold, leaves no stone unturned and the aftermaths of which are felt for days together.

Once the job is done the blue goes back to its normal self for another thousand years where it will give many a shelter, love and total unconditional commitment to just give and not take back anything

That my friends is the description of the Deep Blue Ocean by an author, I read it once, then again and again and again, cause there was something that told me there is more to this than appears!!!……………….and then it hit me, did she just describe HERSELF!!!!!!!!


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