Friday, July 31, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

Journey Across the Sea

As I embarked on the journey, I never thought
About all the turmoil that ambition brought
There were voices stopping me by the shore
On the other side calling me was the unseen land of the lore

My ship had all that I needed
A balance with reality is all destiny pleaded
Strength, courage, determination and will power
Were my kinsmen of every hour

I sailed through the calm waters and then came the storm
It threatened the existence of my ship breaking every norm
For a moment I thought all was lost
But my strong mast justified all its cost

There was calm, wide vista, with nothing to be seen
I had dared to go where very few had been
There’s still hope that I would get there
To the place I don’t know off, but a land rare

One day across the horizon this land appeared
My body tired, will drowned and soul seared
Yet there was a smile of victory and satisfaction
Unknown land, unknown risks, yet so much attraction

As I woke up and opened my eyes
A sense of freedom from all illusions and lies
The distant land was my goal my dream
The ship my vessel, my guide to my realm


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