Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

Where's Life Headed????

Born with a twinkle in my eye
Of dreams beyond the sky
A want to achieve things beyond comprehension
Devour of any apprehension

There’s always something to achieve and someone to defeat
Every step a battle no chance to retreat
Grades to achieve, behavior to follow, chores to do
There were rules on manner to breathe too

Blinded by lessons in patience and perseverance
Food, Cloth and Shelter and a whole lot of pretense
Good education, good job to measure my success
How could I be any less

Would I be someone with a lot of power and pelf
Or be happy experimenting being a chef
Would I have a band of my own
Or through writings would I be know

What I have today is basket of degrees
A job that allows me to pay a high living fees
It sends a shiver down my spine
Is it, that my dreams and reality do not align

Life is slipping away like the grains of sand
Not even traces remain on my hand


Gyanban said... Best Blogger Tips


Neo_zubair said... Best Blogger Tips

Such a lovely poem.
the confusion in life at this stage is truly noxious. is it the end or the beginnin, always remains at edge...
loved ur thots..
keep up the good work!!

Naren said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice one !! a little funny though ... this one reminds of my sister's autograph book, people put some crazy stuff like roses are pink, violets are blue but my heart is full of you.... I used to read it over and over again .... we used to laugh like hell ... fun though...

Nalini Hebbar said... Best Blogger Tips

nice...rambling thoughts searching

Mohan said... Best Blogger Tips

Good one! Look forward to be more frequent here :)

Hiyaa said... Best Blogger Tips

Quite a bit of soul-searching here. It truly does make one wonder at times. I still myself a couple of times a day wondering why my reality and dreams vary so much and then, I try to cover up the gaps with writing. You rhymed well. I suck at rhyming! :) Good work!

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey thanks Aayan, Zubair, Naren, Nalini, Mohan and Hiyaa

Mohan - Yes, I have been guilty of laziness...will surely try and change that :-)

thank you all for your kind words!!!

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