Tuesday, September 1, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

How Convenient!

Don’t know if this is complete yet....

U think,

For you ignorance is bliss
For me no bigger crime than this
For you callousness disguises as space
For me it cannot be present even in trace

For you lying is a birthright
For me a disguise to my plight
For you the stars are the destination
For me a mere wish is a fascination

For you the knowledge of the world is less
For me it causes unnecessary stress
For you its learning from your mistakes
For me it is raising the stakes

For you this birth was for a season
For me fault of the season

I think,

For you it is convenience
For me it is just my lenience


Sunny said... Best Blogger Tips

For you its all about information
For me its useless data collection

For you its about the burning desire
For me, its empty belly, No fire

For you life is about money and fame
For me, it has become just a game.

For you its friendship and crushes and love
For me, its none of the above.

For you this maybe just another strife
For me, its still remains the story of my life

I'm sorry, just added up coz you mentioned its not complete yet, I hope you won't mind. But honestly, even the incomplete is wonderful.

DO visit mine sometime.

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