Friday, October 16, 2009 | By: The Speaking Wood

....orchestrate the end of mankind!

On the occasion of worldwide "Blog Action day", October 15, 2009.

How did we land up on this edge?
Is it the result of our quest for knowledge?
In search of profits against nature
We find ourselves today at this juncture

Our reason for existence, depleting day by day
Cemented walls falling like castles of clay
There is chaos beyond our imagination
Unnerving is our technology fascination

The seasons are turning around
Chilling cold and Smoking ground
Each concrete jungle gets us close to extinction
Our mind consumed with greed, for any distinction

Our homes decorated with the ruins of the wild
Disappearing species a warning mild
Our charm to use things that do not decompose
Comforts do not allow alternative methods to propose

What is it that stops us from seeing any sign?
The pursuit of progress that made us cross the line
Have we become deaf and blind?
As we orchestrate the end of mankind?

On the occasion of worldwide "Blog Action day", October 15, 2009.


Gyanban said... Best Blogger Tips

nice post. methinks it's time the system resets itself for a new beginning. Did you read about 2012?

Dagny Taggart said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey dude....this is long time due...did watch 2012 and it was scary and what was worse was that it is not just science fiction, it is what we are headed for...heard of winter rains, it is happening in Hyd...and no one seems to realize the gravity of the situation!

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