Thursday, May 29, 2014 | By: The Speaking Wood

The Writer's Block

I think writer’s block is a circumstance that often gets used as an excuse when you just don’t write; I know I am guilty of it for so long. Finally, when I decided that I will get back to writing I was looking for a perfect comeback post and that caused more delay to happen. This became a never ending cycle.  Today, however, a chain of incidents from the past few months and the one that happened today made me decide that I had to write. It didn't matter what I wrote or how it was, I just had to express myself through words. 

So here goes. 
I and my friends were watching a movie, a movie that they related to emotionally and had teary eyes. I was watching the movie with them and was at an advantageous position. As they were seated at and I was right in front so they could not see my face. At the end of the movie their opinion was that I could not find any connect with the movie. I smirked, so they did not see me drinking water cautiously taking my head up ensuring not a drop trickled down. I managed to hold myself back. Did I just achieve it? This was being said about me? I thought my face was very expressive so much so that it was difficult for me to hide things, yet, here were two folks who could not read it. This is not the first time this was happening but it is the first time I realized it did.

I had finally achieved what I wanted to for a long time not let the state inside reflect on my face and to me this was no less than climbing the Everest. The post that follows is a result of that realization.


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