Thursday, May 29, 2014 | By: The Speaking Wood

Go ahead girl...

Go ahead girl take a bow
Why doesn’t it affect you now?
Or have you somehow
Learnt to hide it all

Go ahead girl be proud
Decibels beyond comprehension of the crowd
Your silence is shouting out loud
Time to stand tall

Go ahead girl keep up the act
Presumptions only support your tact
Never let anyone know that fact
For any pain big or small

Go ahead girl enjoy the way it panned out
Your strength is humility let it be known as clout
He is the only friend you’ll need without a doubt
Now hear your call

Go ahead now live it up
There is nothing more left to give up
For another season as you buckle up
Did you just break the wall?

Go ahead girl walk alone
What’s needed when by divine light your path is shown?
Let the world think your heart is made of stone

Rise up from the fall


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